Welcome to the Bellesguard house, one of Antoni Gaudí's least famous but most fascinating architectural works. We have recently opened our doors to share with everyone the extraordinary architectural and historical riches horded within its walls.

A visit to the Bellesguard house will allow you to discover one of Gaudí's most architecturally complex works as well as taking a tour through the history of Catalonia.

Bellesguard is much more than just Gaudí: we have found relics from the Roman civilization, traces of kings, popes and princesses, legends and bandits, the remains of a grand medieval castle, gardens filled with secrets and stories. History is alive in every corner of Bellesguard and Gaudí incorporated all of this to create one of his most symbolic, assertive and personal works. It is a proper castle and Gaudí pays tribute to history and King Martin I the Humane, last monarch from the Catalan dynasty of the House of Barcelona, who lived in Bellesguard until his death in 1410.

There are two types of visit to the Bellesguard house: the Panoramic Tour, a walk through the gardens and the inside of the house with the aid of an audio-guide in 8 languages; and the Guided Tour which includes (with prior booking) a visit to the most unique parts of the interior of the house and the patios - from where you can enjoy spectacular 360º panoramas of the city. This tour is with a guide and is available in 3 languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

All visitors can view the old stables where there is an audio-visual display, an exhibition of 3D photographs and a small shop where you can purchase souvenirs from your visit to the Bellesguard house.

We look forward to seeing you!